A Farm in Maremma




Perched on top of a hill our farm, created by our family in the early 1800’s, looks like a small hamlet with a beautiful view, on the sunset side, on the rolling hills  and the island of Elba.  Nice flight video over the Vecchienna Hamlet, the forest and San Giuseppe farmhouse.

Today, Vecchienna produces cerealsolive oil, ages tasty Pecorino Cheese and breeds Limousine cattle.

Pecorino Vecchienna

Pecorino Vecchienna

The cellars, formerly devoted to wine making, now store ageing Pecorino cheese.



All our products are quality labelled with the Agriqualità symbol, signifying respect

agriqualità for nature

We also rent a beautiful house (“podere San Giuseppe”), with 4 bedrooms (sleeps 8).


Pranzo 1 (bis)


Sasso Pisano , Maremma , in Tuscany

Sasso Pisano Maremme fumeroles-geothermal activities

Podere San Giuseppe at sunset

Podere San Giuseppe at sunset

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